7 Helpful Tips in Finding the Right Travel Accommodation for You


Are you travelling soon? Is it for business or for fun? Whatever is your travel purpose, one of the things you should be ready for is booking the right travel accommodation for you. It makes the whole travel experience worth it if you’re able to book the accommodation that fits your needs.

Whether you’re in a budget or more spare money to book, these tips in finding the right travel accommodation for you are helpful:

Do your thorough research

This is the first step you should make: research. With the availability of internet and few clicks away, you can start researching and gathering information relevant to what you need. Agoda, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Booking, and more are just samples of great websites that offer hotel reviews and hotel price comparison. You can pick some tips and suggestions from fellow travellers regarding your upcoming trip. Just filter out what you read so it would be easier for you to pick the best hotel room for your needs.

Know the number of days you’ll be staying

If your travel period will take up weeks, it’s recommended to choose and stay in an apartment or Airbnb. With apartment and Airbnb accommodations, you can have access to kitchen, washing machines, cookware, and more stuff you need for longer stay. However, if you’re just staying for a few days, consider staying at a hotel or luxury accommodation if you want to splurge. Hotels have so many convenient amenities and you can feel safe.

Opt for the right location

For an enjoyable stay, location of your accommodation should be considered. It depends on your travel purpose – a location can make or break the whole journey experience.

If you’re travelling with business purpose, pick a hotel location that is easy to conduct for work-related stuff. The things to look for are accessibility to meeting place or conference venue and length of commute.

If you’re travelling to see new places and sightseeing, you can pick a centrally located accommodation.

However, if you want to stay out of noise and busy areas, find an accommodation outskirt of the city. But make sure it’s still accessible to tourist spots and public transportation.

Price and rating

Two of biggest factors in considering an accommodation are the price and rating. As a traveller, travel accommodation should match your budget. As you browse various websites such as booking.com and agoda.com for potential lodging, you’ll be surprised with so many options. The accommodation rating also plays a vital role. You can determine if the hotel accommodation is right for your needs or not. High rating means that travellers are satisfied with their stay in that certain hotel. If it has low rating, you might reconsider even if it fits your budget.

Decide on the amenities you look for

Staying in a hotel has so many perks and it provides various amenities for travellers. Here are some amenities you deem important and can be part of your consideration:

• Free breakfast – this is a good perk since you don’t need to go out of the hotel just to eat your breakfast
• Free fast and reliable WiFi – these days, internet connection is as important as food. It should be free, fast, and available throughout the hotel.
• 24-hour Reception – there are times when you flight details state that you will arrive midnight and so you need a hotel reception that is open 24 hours a day and can still check you in late at night if that is not the case, you can call the hotel in advance to notify them of your arrival time and someone will pick you up in the airport and let you check in.

There are other great amenities at the hotel and the things above are just samples. What important is, pick a few things that are essential to you so you could narrow down your list and find the right one for you.

Fellow travellers’ reviews

Various independent websites such as TripAdvisor shows relevant hotel reviews regarding the stay and satisfaction of other travellers. You shouldn’t read reviews from hotel’s own websites. Ensure that you take your time reading all relevant reviews to help you decide if it’s the right hotel room for you. In hotel reviews, you can discover the great amenities, nearby tourist spots, and best restaurants. You can also discover things that aren’t great about this and that certain hotel, helping you to avoid booking them for your trip.

Hotel loyalty programs and perks & frequent flier miles

If you travel a lot in a year, you will earn points especially if you’re part of a flier program. In line with this, you always book a hotel room and might as well join their loyalty program. Joining the hotel loyalty program will help you earn points for future stay and be able to accumulate airline miles especially if the hotel chain is partnered with your frequent flier program. You can check online for the list of qualifying partners. These said programs have the best perks when you redeem points like purchasing cruise ticket, discount in car rentals, and free entertainment.