Need More Space? Here Are 6 Reasons Why Home Extensions Are Worth It

home extensions

If you already love your existing home but also need more space, you can just extend your house. Keep your most treasured memories in a place where your family belongs. To give you more ideas, a home extension is adding and modifying the space that you need in your existing home.

If you’re still not convinced to have a home extension, here are 6 reasons why home extensions are worth it!

1. It’s an investment

Prices of houses doubled every ten years. So if you’re planning to extend your house without any plans of moving anytime soon, then it is worth the price. However, no need to worry because you can also sell a house that has been newly renovated or extended since its quality increased. When you extend a house it immediately increases its value because the property becomes bigger. You can ask a professional to calculate how much the extension you want will add to the total value of the property.

When you plan to sell your house, keep in mind that the overall appeal depends on its quality. No one will be interested in a poorly constructed building because they’ll just worry about how much it’ll cost for repairs and reconstructions. Hire reputable home builders who will help you attain the extension you want, and have a successful return on investment.

2. You’ll have the space you need

The need for extra space is mostly the reason why owners want home extensions. Whether you’ll have a new baby coming, or just want a bigger kitchen, home extensions will fit what you need. Moreover, an extension doesn’t mean you’ll just have another room because you can merge an existing room with a new one, or opt for an open plan living in which you can see the living room, kitchen, and dining area from one room to the other. 

Most homeowners who chose to have home extensions tend to renovate afterward since the extension looks way more modern than the original house. You can avoid this if you ask the designers and builders to follow the theme of the original house. On the other hand, you can also renovate to feel as if you’re in a new home in the same place. 

3. It’s better than moving

Home extensions are way better than moving. For starters, you don’t have to look for a new place if you already love where you currently are. Imagine the hassle of looking for a new house, packing your family’s things, and moving to a place where you don’t know your neighbors. At least, if you’ll consider having some home extensions, you’ll just have to spend a few months on home construction.

4. You’ll save more money

Purchasing a new home will cost a lot while upgrading it saves you money, and you’ll also have a not-so-instant investment. You won’t have to worry because it’s a long-term cause. You can even spend the money that should have for moving, on renovating the other parts of your house. Moreover, imagine the hassle it’ll take for you to sell your house, find a buyer, and move when you can just avoid that most conveniently.

5. No need for permits

If the land it’ll use for the extension is already yours, then there’s nothing to worry about compared to buying a new property. Most areas don’t need applications for property extension because it’s under the ‘permitted development’ that the owners have the right to make changes to their property even without notifying the local government. 

Just make sure that you live in a place where having construction work is allowed. If not, then having a permit is necessary.

6. Less hassle and stress

You have lots of things to consider if you move to a new place. If you have kids, aside from the terror of moving, you’ll have to find other schools, clinics, and parks. But if you consider home extensions, kids can study continuously without being sad because they’ll no longer see their friends. All the stress, inconvenience, and frustrations of moving will be gone if extending the house is on the table.


If you want to know more details about having home extensions, you can contact the nearest home builders to guide you through the process. Don’t forget to comment below on what you think about getting a home extension!