How to improve your style: 6 fashionable life hacks for every day


Often my clients are interested in the question: how to look stylish, where to start, and what to neglect? Often, it is enough to add some interesting detail to the image that will help increase the degree of style.

  1. Interesting combinations

  • Bracelets over the sleeves.

Spectacular bracelets and watch oversleeves are a win-win! Wear them over basic knitwear, plain jackets and Bomber jackets, white shirts with narrow sleeves.

  • Sandal ties over the trousers.

A bold combination that will draw attention to your feet. For a stylish look, you’ll need full-length wide-leg pants and sandals with ties or straps that fit around the ankle over the leg.

  1. Layering

Layering is a great way to play up basic things. One of the most famous of which is the turtleneck. Let’s take a look at a few tricks to create cool layered looks:

  • Turtleneck + shirt
  • Turtleneck + shirt + jacket (coat)
  • Turtleneck + dress (sundress)
  • Turtleneck + jumpsuit
  • A sweater instead of a scarf.

 A fun way to use a sweater as a fashion accessory is to knit it instead of a scarf. You can also do it diagonally by skipping one of the sweater sleeves under your arm. A quick option that doesn’t require much styling. This technique is ideal in cool weather and is also an accent and trend of layering.

  • Dress or skirt over another dress or trousers.

 Another unusual trick that will definitely not leave you unnoticed! The skirt can be worn both over the dress and under it. Lengths and styles should be selected for the season.

Well, the most common and practical option for multi-layer is insulation with a second layer. We collect the image using a puffy vest or a thin down jacket, which we put on under a coat or jacket. Voila, a modern, and at the same time, the warm outfit is ready!

  1. Dilution of styles

Feel free to add multiple styles to your looks. To create an interesting, memorable image, try to dilute the main parts of your kit with components that differ from them in their style, but at the same time harmoniously combine with them.

Let’s take a look at several styles below.

  • Business classics + sports

The combination of a tracksuit and a classic basic trench coat is a great option for a walk. We can also add a touch of cockiness to an elegant suit with sports items like sneakers.

  • Romance + rock

Take a pastel lace dress from a romantic style and add 1 accessory from a rock style – black leather boots. The result is a set with 2 contrasting styles.

  1. Accessories

The main mission of the accessories is to make the image more expressive and complete. They help to look different in the same clothes every time. Therefore, it is easy to see that it is not necessary to have a huge wardrobe for stylish and varied looks. Well-chosen accents allow changing the base bow from daytime to evening. This amazing ability will be appreciated by girls who like to get together in a matter of minutes.

So, among the huge variety, the following types of accessories are most often distinguished:

  • Hats: caps, hats, berets, panamas, caps.
  • Scarves, shawls, shawls, boas.
  • Glasses: sunglasses and with clear lenses (for vision correction or image).
  • For the ears: earrings and ear cuffs. For the neck: necklaces, pendants, beads, chokers, chains. For hands: rings, bracelets, watches. For hair: headbands, hairpins, scarves.
  • Brooches
  • Belts and belts.
  • Bags: shopper, cross-body, clutch, postman, suitcase, backpack.
  • Tights, socks, leggings
  1. Prints

Any woman’s wardrobe includes a variety of things, both from plain and colored fabrics. Any, even the most trendy style of clothing looks even more stylish and interesting if it has a trendy and relevant print of the season. A well-chosen print is a powerful weapon in the hands of a fashionista. With the help of colors and patterns, you can profitably correct any shape. Consider examples of the most famous prints such as: floral, animalistic, geometric, ethnic, abstract.

  1. Bright shades

One of the trends this year is the combination of bright colors and pastel shades. If you’ve never used bright colors in your looks, I recommend starting by adding one accent. This combination is optimal for everyday life, both working and informal. It is easy to dilute an office setting with a jacket in a rich range, and a flashy shade for crop tops, T-shirts, and T-shirts is the best option for the coming summer.