4 Tips to Stay Healthy On a Road Trip


The open road symbolized adventure & freedom. Despite the excitement, you should also be concerned about staying healthy while travelling.

Travel freaks believe that there’s nothing other than a few friends, dusty car and the open road that screams out freedom. If you’re fond of a road trip, it’s the right time to escape somewhere out and breathe a sigh of relief. It sounds exciting when you talk about the new destination and favorite getaways, but it’s also important to maintain healthy habits when you’re on the road.

Frankly, the sun, cramped space and perhaps that lack of movement can make you feel sluggish and tired. Here’re a few useful tips that’ll help you maintain good health while enjoying the road trip. So let’s dive in;

Before & After Measurements

Body Fat Scale would be a handy gadget to stay on track by simply taking your body composition measurement before and after the trip. It’s a precise and accurate gadget that measures body water, muscle and body fat percentages. In case you’ve gained some weight during the trip, you just need to compare the before & after body water percentage so that you have a clear idea about the actual source of weight gain.

Plan Your Meals and Snacks

While heading to the road trip, make sure you have a plan to eat healthy on the road trip. People often compromise their health by taking trips without having enough thought about food and snacks. It’s good to bring diet soda, water bottles and a pack of breakfast bars. It’s imperative to store your car with healthy options. And when you reach the destination, just replenish your stash at the farmers’ markets & grocery.

While driving, it’s quite easy to over-eat snacks directly out of the bag while driving. Therefore, just ensure that you save money and avoid unwanted calories simply by measuring snacks into single serving bags at home. The best snacks for the road are trail mix, nuts, granola and pretzels. Also, buy large bags instead of individual packs as it’ll save some cost here as well. 

Stay Hydrated

You can’t go wrong with this if you really want to enjoy your road trip while staying healthy. One can’t get the most out of his/her trip if he/she is dehydrated. Most of you don’t know that dehydration often masks itself as hunger pangs. So make sure you bring a few reusable water bottles and fill them up at every stop.  Stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day. To save the extra calories intake, it’s good to avoid the sugary beverages.

Drive Safely

Since you’ve hired a car from the best Car rental company in Bahrain, you can’t go wrong with the driving obviously. Because not only you have paid for the car lease, but also there are other expenses to bear as well. So make sure you don’t get impulsive while driving and violate any traffic laws. Besides, driving safely is also important because you don’t want our and your friend’s life at risk.