Drinking water is important when hiking outdoors, especially in the hot summer when mountaineering activities, the need to drink water is even greater and more critical. The gravity water filter straw is a good choice for you to get clean water at a low cost. Let us see 4 things that you need to know about gravity water filters.

Can you use a gravity bag water filter?

People use the gravity bag water filter as a standalone personal straw filter. You can directly put the water filter straw into the water source in the wild, suck the water and drink it. In meantime, the water filter straw can be connected with the gravity bag to compose the gravity water filter straw. You just need to hang the gravity bag on a high place such as a tree and connect the water source to the straw, which is very convenient.

 water filter straw with a gravity bag

Does the gravity water filter backpacking work?

The gravity water filter backpacking works efficiently. It is lightweight, easy to use, and ultra-inexpensive. The water filter straw filters out particulate matter and pathogens such as bacteria and protozoa, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. However, the water filter straw cannot filter out the virus. The water filter straw is an ideal tool for multiple purposes such as backpacking, hiking & camping, and traveling, and also a good companion for fishing, hunting, and natural disaster emergency preparedness. If you want a lightweight, simple carry-on filter at a reasonable price, then a water filter straw is your best choice.

Is gravity-based water filters good?

A gravity-based water filter is a purification tool with outstanding advantages and capabilities. Gravity bag water filter filters should not be underestimated because of their very beneficial features for consumers. The flow rate of the gravity-based water filter will vary depending on the condition of the water you are using. Gravity-based water filter is an effective filtration system to remove 99% heavy metal, chlorine, odors, harmful organic minerals, etc, and make the water taste better. The cleaner it is, the faster the flow rate is. A gravity bag water filter has these advantages:

  1. The first is easy to use. You can just hang on a tree with the tree strap, it is a hands-free filtration.
  2. Second, a gravity bag water filter can effectively remove turbidity and suspended solids, and organic pollutants.
  3. Third, the gravity-based water filter can effectively remove harmful bacteria and viruses from water.
  4. The fourth gravity sleeping bag filter does not require electricity.

Is gravity water filters effective?

A gravity filter is the use of gravity to push water down while filtering the water. Gravity water filtration systems are very effective and efficient. First of all, it is simple and very powerful. There are also various sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. In addition, a gravity filter can be placed anywhere at home, even on the table or countertop or trees and whatever place is high. Gravity filters work better than electric water purifiers. A gravity filter doesn’t require electricity or any complex steps to function. It removes fine particles, unpleasant odors, chemicals, and toxic elements of water. It removes fine particles, unpleasant odors, chemicals, and toxic elements of water. What’s more, the gravity filter requires less maintenance. You just need to change the filter replacement once or twice a year.

Is gravity water filters effective

what is in a gravity water filter straw

Coarse filter

  • Large particle removal

PP cotton

  • 2 microns average pore size
  • Interception of particles
  • Terminal protection

Activated Carbon

  • 5 microns average pore size
  • Chlorine, VOCs, harmful chemicals removal
  • Odor reduction
  • Taste improvement

Hollow Fibers

  • 1-micron average pore size
  • 999%  protozoan parasite removal
  • 9999%  micro-plastic removal
  • 99999%  bacteria removal
  • Inside-out filter

gravity water filter straw

What are the kinds of gravity water filter straws?

Filter connect with gravity water bag

  • Ues: The silicone tube is connected with the gravity filter bag, and the pressure generated by the height difference is used to filter the water produced by the straw, which is convenient for many people to drink. The water can be drunk.
  • Equipped with a water stop valve, can be ready to use.

Filter connect with some common bottles by adapter

  • Use: Fill a beverage bottle (self-provided) with raw water, connect it with a straw, and then squeeze the water bag or beverage bottle to drink the water.
  • Equipped with an expansion interface, can be connected with more drink bottles to produce water

Suck directly: gravity water filter straw

  • Ues: You can directly put the intake of the straw into the water source and suck the water to drink. If the water source is far away, connect the hose, put the hose into the water, and suck the water can drink.

Water gravity Bag Features

0.1-micron precision hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane + coconut shell activated carbon + 0.2 micron PP cotton to ensure the safety of the water.

it has 3L/6L TPU water storage bag, and the straw can be connected with the equipped water bag or beverage bottle, convenient for more than one person to drink water.

  • with an expansion interface, can be connected with more beverage bottles.
  •  with a water stop valve, water production can be ready to use.
  • Can backwash design, to achieve environmental reuse.

how to clean gravity water filter straw?

After use, reverse produce water from the outlet 2-3 times, backwash the straw, gently shake out the remaining water inside the straw, and put it in a cool place for preservation