3 Best Tire Shine Products For Better Tire Care

3 Best Tire Shine Products For Better Tire Care

Tire shine is the lifesaver for those who want to give tires a wet look, which makes the rim & tire look more attractive. It takes no more than 60 seconds per wheel to apply, but it sure makes a huge difference. But which product you should choose?

When it comes to car maintenance routine, you can’t miss out the tire cleaning. It may sound cosmetic, proper maintenance of car tires protects them from weathering, cracking and corrosion. You’d agree, it looks really impressive to have a car with a great wax finished to shine on tires. It’s good to shine your tires with the regular car wash treatments about every 2-week. But for that, you first have to understand the different types of tire shine and decide yourself which one you want to choose. So let’s dive in;

VRP Vinyl Rubber & Plastic Super Shine Dressing – Chemical Guys

It has got a multi-shield surface that works really well on the interior & exterior. VRP doesn’t turn greasy or oily as it goes on 100% dry to the touch. Besides, it has got the extra thick emulsion. Due to which it doesn’t separate or sling and can easily be applied using a towel. The VPR Dressing is water-based that provides a shine that’ll last for months. It also works great on car interiors, plastic/rubber and whether leather etc.

Inevitably, the VRP dressing protects against the Ultra Violet radiations and resists cracking. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s good for rubber tires as well as leather seats. For long lasting shine, you can also apply it on bumpers and door moldings also.

Tire Shine Tire Dressing & Car Care Kit – Car Guys

Car Guys tire shine spray is made in the USA. This solution is non-toxic and comes with an applicator pad for easy and convenient use. This solvent-based gel is made up of a polymer that’s designed to prevent a slinging & mess. With an easy application, it provides a high gloss shine. Its shine won’t be as bright as other products, but it’s definitely long-lasting. Since it’s going as a water-based solution, you don’t need to worry about losing the tire shine after rain.

Some of the motorists have also mentioned that it shows up a sort of orange rust color after several applications. Therefore, it’s better to use it without an applicator it’ll just be fine to use it as a spray. Make sure you apply this solution to the tires that have been washed thoroughly as it’s likely to prevent any possible issues.

Tire Shine – Adam

Adam’s tire shine is amongst the most popular ones. It has got the dark lustrous shine having two different looks. As compared to other tire shine products, Adam’s tire shine is a bit expensive. But for that new glossy look on your car tire, it’s one of the best options to get along with.

So whether your tires are old or you’ve bought a new set of tyres in Abu Dhabi, make sure you invest in a good quality tire shine so that it adds up to the tire’s health and the entire look of your car.