2021’s Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the specific focal point of the celebration, with a designated period on the agenda for cutting and serving the cake or cakes online order. Wedding cakes have evolved more and more ornate over the years, with fondant and sugar roses, intricate patterns, and an almost unlimited variety of colours to pick from. A wedding cake is an artistic work that should be exhibited with pride. 

It is the focal point and a sensory highlight at the wedding reception, allowing guests to drool and admire the cake before it is sliced and diced. 

Even though several wedding traditions have evolved in recent years, the cake remains an essential feature of many weddings. 

The happy pair will eat their first delicious bite together as husband and wife.

Wedding cake design

The cutting of a wedding cake is an integral part of the reception, and any guests who leave before the first slice has been shared are deemed disrespectful. 

Everyone should stay for this magnificent occasion, given the amount of time and effort that goes into cake shop designing a wedding cake design!

However, what counts most is how a wedding cake tastes, regardless of how gorgeous or aesthetically pleasant it is. 

The top eight most popular wedding cake flavours for 2021 are listed below. 


Chocolate has always been the most renowned wedding cake flavour of the year, with so many various levels of richness and flavour matching options. 

When combined with flavour accents like mint, citrus, and strawberry, what is generally a childhood pleasure may be taken to a sophisticated level. 

Choose a German chocolate cake to soften the flavour or indulge in thick chocolate fudge. 

Red Velvet

Crimson velvet cake, known for its deep red colour, is the ideal shade to symbolise love and romance on your wedding day. 

It has a flavour that is neither chocolatey nor vanilla. 

Serve the thick and creamy with cream cheese icing. 

When cutting the cake, the deep red colour of the sponge contrasts beautifully with the cream cheese frosting. Send cakes online to your friends and folks and add sweetness to your relations. 

Couples are also opting for a range of cake flavours during their reception, whether it’s a tiered cake with several flavours or a cupcake tower with various flavours of cupcakes. 

Lemon Cake

Lemon cakes are one of the year’s most popular flavour trends, thanks to their lightness and tanginess. 

This citrus flavour is ideal for a spring wedding. And is a good option for couples who don’t want a hefty, rich cake. 

For a delightful fruity combination, top with raspberries or strawberries and whipped cream, or finish with lemon buttercream icing.

Raspberry Cake With White Chocolate

White chocolate’s creamy richness combined with raspberry’s acidic fruitiness is a great combination that is gaining popularity in 2021. 

This delightful combo is a refreshing variation on the usual chocolate flavoured cakes, whether raspberry jam, raspberry cream, or fresh raspberry filling. 

Lime and Coconut Flavoured Cakes

This delectable flavour combination, reminiscent of an island trip, transports you to the tropics. 

Use combination of rich, creamy coconut cake with acidic, sour lime filling or icing to make marriage heaven. 

Perfect for individuals who desire a sweet and rich cake without having to pick a chocolate flavour.

Vanilla Cakes

Vanilla is a classic flavour that can’t go wrong, and many couples opt for a vanilla wedding cake in 2021. 

One of the most simple cakes to bake available. It may be kept simple with vanilla icing or dressed up with virtually any frosting, filling, or fruit. 

It’s an excellent base for more unusual and exciting flavours. So if you’re thinking about attempting something new that might not be a crowd favourite. A vanilla cake is an intelligent compromise.  Perfect for individuals who desire a sweet and rich cake without having to pick a chocolate flavour.

Carrot Cakes 

Carrot cake is a popular cake flavour for 2021. It’s excellent for couples who wish to go the non-traditional path. 

Because grated carrots and nuts are primary ingredients in the batter. This soft, dense cake is moist and has a nice consistency. Order cakes online or make cake delivery in Gurgaon for your siblings living away from you and draw a big smile on their faces.  

Carrot cake is a delicious alternative to more traditional flavours like chocolate and vanilla.

Champagne Cake In A Pink Hue

Pink champagne wedding cakes are distinctive in that they employ champagne instead of water in the batter. 

To obtain the pink colour use food colouring pigment. 

What better way to toast the occasion than with a glass of bubbly on your cake? 

All common fillings and toppings for a champagne cakeRum-flavoured custard, coloured pink, white chocolate shavings, and Bavarian whipped cream.