2021 Demands New Retail Packaging

2021 Demands New Retail Packaging

In terms of retail packaging, 2020 brought us many innovations and new experimental choices in aesthetics and functions. It is to expect that 2021 will start and continue to grow from the point where 2020 ends.

We must get ready to watch packaging designers will play with colors, graphics, and materials in exciting new ways. As a designer, we expect to develop with the changes in styles and trends. So, we need to spend some time analyzing the trends that have the greatest impact on our craft. Only by reflecting on the development of design we see everything around us, we can predict future trends and shape the future in a new and inspiring way.

Let’s see what will be emerging packaging trends for 2021.

Packaging Design must tell Stories of the Product

Packaging plays an irreplaceable role in the brand narrative, which is why it was consider important in 2020. It is also gaining importance to attain top packaging design trends in 2021. As the retail industry becomes increasingly virtualized, custom packaging offers a tactile contrast. This can certainly grab the attention of customers. We live in a world where our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. To get people’s attention on saturated platforms is becoming a bigger challenge.  Becoming a successful brand no longer just depends on the products you sell, but on how to differentiate them through brand influence.

In particular, we have seen recently launched brands that are adopting custom packaging. This is giving them a stronger identity from the start. The vast majority of e-commerce packaging is universal packaging. So focusing on packaging design that reflects your identity will help you differentiate yourself. Inspired by flat illustrations, bright colors or the latest graphic design trends are irrelevant. Custom packaging shows that your brand not only provides products but also provides premium brand information.

Eco-friendly Packaging

One of the biggest trends last year was the top packaging trends worth paying attention to in 2021. 2020 is a complicated year for eco-friendly packaging. Before the pandemic, environmentally conscious shoppers pushed many companies to adopt sustainable packaging, and this type of packaging has less impact. From banning the use of retail packaging boxes on the shelves to replacing ordinary boxes has been increased.

Many environmentally friendly packaging alternatives have started to appear on the market, which seems to be a wave of potential change. But when the pandemic came, everything changed. Many manufacturers that had previously decided to abandon the use of retail packaging have switched to using them because people think that these boxes are a safer option for dealing with the virus.

As consumer demands for ecology eventually lead to their return to daily use, other types of disposable products have been phased out. For hygiene reasons, single-use boxes proved to be safer packaging materials used during the pandemic. The only problem is that it turns out that the scientific basis behind these claims is not solid.

In early 2021, environmentally friendly alternative packaging will continue to be a hot topic.  Environmentally conscious consumers will continue to oppose the reuse of single-use boxes. Some of the cutting-edge and more environmentally friendly alternatives that deserve attention in 2021 include their alternatives.

Transparency of Packaging and Cleaning Labels

The trend towards transparency promotes trust and honesty in custom product packaging. This automatically places them above other products on store shelves.

In this world, consumers can get a lot of information with their palms of hands, and a little transparency in the packaging also shows honesty. Tangible and easily accessible products always focus on maintaining customer trust and confidence. This trend can be put into practice in the food and cosmetics industry. Before eating, it is important to write the food indicated on the package.

Minimalism makes Colors Shine

Minimalism is always present while designing the packaging boxes. It is all because an increasing number of brands are striving to adopt transparency and upfront. There is no better way than using this way of designing your boxes. By using such a sort of simple packaging, you will see that all unnecessary things are deprive and the essence of the items is enhance. This is consider the basic principle of minimalism.

A warm welcoming home is found in the packaging design and elements like color and layout are truly Glow. The act of cutting out the essence of something is always challenging, but just as meaningful. It can convey their basic information through simple functions, forms, and patterns. Thus it becomes something for the communication of people from all walks of life.

Although less is more, this is still a platitude and simple ideas are difficult to realize and attain. Minimalist packaging in 2021 will focus on concise and concise design, making color and typography the central focus. This is incredibly influential and guaranteed to be unique.

Packaging Flexibility

All non-rigid and soft materials are consider flexible packaging As of today, 19% of the packaging industry in the United States relies on flexible packaging. There is a lot about flexible packaging, what are its advantages over non-flexible packaging?

Consider the following factors when manufacturing a flexible box.

  • Easier to contain
  • Cheaper
  • Useless material.
  • Hassle-free transportation
  • There is no breakage during transport
  • More suitable for e-commerce purposes

PVC sheet can be used to produce flexible retail packaging boxes because it is a decompressed sheet that can be molded into different shapes and sizes.

Surface Pattern Design on the Boxes

The paired-pack design was a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd. But with the growing popularity of lifestyle brands, it has become harder to differentiate yourself. While minimalism is still trending in packaging design in 2021, we have also seen a big rise in a rich patterned design. The gorgeous packaging design offers more creative space for your brand and describes your brand story in a truly interactive way. It’s not about striking your name or logo; it’s about using images to express your brand value.  This trend also makes it easier for your brand to convey a luxurious vibe.

The intricate details make the packaging of the product itself a work of art, which customers will appreciate when they receive an order. As we’ve already mentioned, consumers put the customer experience first in their purchasing decision. The model design demonstrates a more thoughtful delivery method, which will truly amaze your customers! Make sure you have put all the basic information you need to print on the retail boxes.  These include color, font, brand name, images, etc.