13 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Menstruation

13 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Menstruation

The symptoms and stages of pregnancy are never the same in every woman. Some of the symptoms you experience may also be caused by an illness that you are not aware of , the symptoms mentioned below do not fully confirm pregnancy. If you are thinking of starting a family, then pay attention to the below signs. It is possible that none of these symptoms appear, but even then the woman is pregnant and has a completely normal child. Pregnancy can be confirmed only if you do not have a menstrual period or are tested by a pregnancy test kit, but can be confirmed every time a doctor performs a blood test.

1. Time – time needed to urinate

Time – feeling the need to urinate frequently is another key indicator. This trend is growing during pregnancy when the uterus grows , it begins to put pressure on the bladder. With the additional production of changes in hormones and blood , time – time urination is a common symptom which will be during the entire pregnancy. Kidney blood filtering work longer , which often – feel the need to urinate frequently. Almost all pregnant women experience this symptom which is one of the early signs of pregnancy , it starts when you are close to your menstrual date.

2. Sudden change in mood

The change in the hormone makes you either happy or very sad. Another early sign of not having menstruation is a change in mood , it begins to change mysteriously , and you can start crying over the most trivial or trivial issues. Imbalance in the hormone affects neurotransmitters in the brain , leading to periods of anger ranging from sudden emotional impulses. If you don’t feel normal, take a little time to rest.

3. Dizziness

A feeling of dizziness and fainting is an early symptom of pregnancy that occurs in many pregnant women. Blood vessels are widened , is to feel significant and dizziness and imbalance reduction in blood pressure symptoms appear during the first quarter and gently – is gradually reduced in subsequent months. But if the bleeding from the vagina with dizziness and feeling abdominal pain , you should consult a doctor immediately.

4. Constipation

Creates tension in the progesterone hormone intestines and during this if you have trouble in passing , so it could be early signs of pregnancy. Due to the sudden increase of the hormone, the excretion hardens and the speed of food crossing the digestive system decreases. If you feel constipated for up to a week after your menstruation , then you should consider doing a pregnancy test.

5. Headache

Headaches are the most common premenstrual symptom , although at conception , estrogen and progesterone hormones do additional work to prepare the uterus for the baby. Hormones cause a drop in blood sugar levels leading to headaches as brain cells struggle to keep pace with low sugar levels.

6. Aches and pains

Hormones work to make room for a new organism in you and this affects the ligaments that need to be enlarged. Stretching of the ligaments and joints can cause pain in your spinal region before the scheduled time of menstruation.

7. Strange taste in mouth

You may feel a strange taste in your mouth due to strange activities in hormones. You will feel as if you have eaten some tasteless metal. This metallic taste can be an early sign to tell you that you have begun the journey to motherhood. Symptoms usually end after the first trimester but may persist longer in some women.

8. Excessive thirst or time – tend to eat again

If you are not surprised that seem to drink a lot of water , can increase the amount of blood feels excessive thirst before the date to have menstrual right. The increase in the hormone you will be hungry all the time and you have time – will often desire to eat.

9. Cervical mucus changes

Increase in mucus of the cervix , is an early sign of pregnancy. After conception , the cervical mucus appears as thick and creamy and remains in the same way until the menstruation is not scheduled. You may feel a prick during urination or itching and swelling around your vagina.

10. Breathlessness

Breathing may be another early sign of pregnancy because the body requires more oxygen and blood when breathing for two organisms. With the growing child the need for more oxygen and nutrition remains throughout the quarter.

11. Dripping saliva or spitting too much

Although it is not a common symptom , some women produce excessive saliva before menstruation. This condition is commonly known as Tillis gradidarum which is related to morning sickness and chest irritation. Excess saliva is produced in the mouth due to the feeling of nausea.

12. Feel the heat

It is commonly experienced at the scheduled time of menstruation or after menstruation has stopped, but sudden warmth can also be an early sign of pregnancy. If you feel that heat wave has gripped your bodily organs , then it may indicate you’re pregnant.

13. Spots , pimples and pimples

Ahead of schedule menstruation acne and pimple ever – is common ever. As a result of increasing hormone levels after conception, they can suddenly increase very much. Well , the reverse can also happen , pimples may be completely clean before the scheduled time of menstruation and it can be a sign that pregnancy has started.

Could it be that menstruation happens but also pregnancy ?

Bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy is not uncommon for pregnant women. Transplantation bleeding occurs 6 to 12 days after conception . It is possible to have light bleeding , moderate pink or light brown discharge that lasts for a few hours or a few days. However , if your menstrual cycle is irregular , so light bleeding between – can cause cycle disturbances , which is after menstruation begins. To confirm that you are pregnant , to get back home pregnancy kit from the chemist or definitive answer , consult your doctor.

How long should one wait to take a home pregnancy test ?

Early pregnancy symptoms appear a few weeks before your menstrual period , but an average waiting period of two weeks from the date of ovulation is recommended to perform a home pregnancy test. Human chorionic gonadotropin ( hCG ) is a placenta – produced hormone that after implanted an embryo in the uterus is found in the urine , it almost fertilization 6 to 12 is the day after. The HCG level test only shows when the menstrual period is near , the right time to do a home pregnancy test is one week after your scheduled period. A 90% probability of a correct result occurs ,When the test is performed after the elapsed date of menstruation.

When do you start experiencing pregnancy symptoms ?

Early pregnancy symptoms are seen 6 to 14 days after conception . Once you have sex during ovulation period – to make the connection , it begins to prepare itself for the growing fetus in the body. The egg fertilizes itself and the embryo implants itself in the uterine wall and you become pregnant ten days before your menstruation. At the same time you begin to experience early symptoms of fatigue , nausea and fatigue , but the pregnancy test gives the best results only after a period of one or two weeks of not being on the scheduled date of menstruation because the level of pregnancy hormone in the urine is appropriate Must be up to level.