12 Most Important Factors That Affect Your SEO Ranking

12 Most Important Factors That Affect Your SEO Ranking

All website owners want their websites to be listed at the topmost position on Google search lists. However, search engines use specific ranking factors to determine whether these sites should show up at all and if they do, in which position. 

Supposing you have an online presence for your business, in Dubai, and, if you want your site to appear at the top of the listing, then your site has to be optimized to cater to these search engine factors. You can get in touch with an experienced SEO agency in UAE for this purpose. 

SEO experts would know that there are 200+ such factors that Google looks into when rating a website and not all of them are equal. Some bear more importance than others. In the passages that follow we try and list the 12 most important ones that you have to pay heed to.

However, it is important to bear in mind that these factors are subject to change in their importance levels at any time. The factors’ order of appearance in this article does not indicate their level of importance in any manner.

1: Security of the Website

The security of the site is among the most important ranking factors. Websites that have HTTPS encryption possessing SSL certificates create a secure connection between the website and the concerned users. There is an extra secure layer that protects information that is passed between the users and the website. 

Approach any SEO company in UAE that would help you to obtain a website URL that begins with HTTPS and not HTTP. The latter indicates that the site does not have an extra security layer. Therefore, you must add an SSL certificate. Google ranks secure sites at higher positions in the search lists.

2: Crawlability

Google would rank sites on their search lists only if they can spot the websites. Search engines find sites only if they can crawl websites and scan and review the content of the sites. This provides information to search engine as to what information the page contains and how it should be ranked in the search list.

For Google to be able to search your site completely it is required that:

  • You provide a complete sitemap to the search engine(s)
  • Your index status on the Google Search Console would tell you how many pages Google has been able to crawl on your site
  • Proper use of robots.txt would tell the search engine as to which pages to crawl and which to ignore 

3: Mobile Friendly, Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are the ones that adjust to any device that they are accessed with. Mobile-friendly websites perform as they should when opened on a mobile device. An expert SEO company in Dubai would help to develop a mobile-friendly website for your business. Mobile-friendliness is as useful to the users as it is to Google and other search engines. Websites can be tested for their mobile-friendliness by submission to Google’s Mobile-friendly Test which will report issues if any are found. 

4: Page Load Speed

The speed with which a website page loads is called the page load speed. A slow page loading speed earns negative marks from Google. The search engine prefers to list sites that load fast and show relevant information to the people that are seeking it. This holds even for mobile-friendly websites. 

It is recommended to go by the readings of a website speed checker or refer to Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. Caching the website, file compression, reducing the number of redirects, etc., can improve page load speed. 

5: User Engagement 

Users pass on information to Google as to which pages of a website are promoted in the search engine listings. Google watches as to how users interact with pages and this helps the search engine to determine which pages are better and more useful to information seekers. The RankBrain tool helps Google to figure out user engagement with the help of factors such as click-through rate (CTR), Time on site, and bounce rate. This helps Google determine whether a search result is proving valuable to the users. 

Website designers employing high-quality SEO specialists in Dubai would use appropriate website design, graphics, siloed architecture for the website, internal links that make the website navigation easy and optimized featured snippets to improve user engagement. 

6: Quality content

Repeatedly publishing high-quality content attracts search engine crawlers to your site. This factor is given very high priority in the ranking of sites. Well-crafted and well-researched content always earns top rankings from the search engines. 

7: Targeted Keywords

Any SEO agency in Dubai would help website owners strategically fill in keyword-targeted content to drive the maximum traffic to the site. They would have keyword research specialists for identifying the top most searched keywords and the best ones for your website and related content. Combining these keywords with content to be posted on your site would help to drive more traffic to your site. 

8: On-page Optimized content

On-page SEO is all about optimizing every page of a website for a specific keyword.  SEO specialists in Dubai would help you precisely do that. This would attract search engines to your page which in turn could boost your page rankings. 

9: Structured Data

Every web page has microdata added to its back end which informs search engines how to interpret the data that it just read. The helps the search engine to classify information and interpret it properly. 

This is an important ranking factor as far as search engines are concerned because it conveys to the search engine the importance of a page. Structured data also facilitates featured snippets in search which right away helps to boost a page ranking by increasing CTR.

10: Brand Credibility

Brand Credibility is a major factor that helps a website to achieve topmost page rankings. If a brand appears more trustworthy online, search engines work to improve the visibility of these websites. Business listings or business citations that are consistent is an important ranking factor. However, it is up to the brand to set up the basic citation for the business and manage it appropriately. The business name, address and phone number should be consistent across all the media they appear in. 

11: Backlink Profile

Coming next to content, backlinks to a website is the next important ranking factor. The number of links pointing to your site as well the quality of these links conveys to the search engine that your site is credible and authoritative. You can obtain high-quality backlinks by posting high-quality content, getting guests to post on your website, and using link acquisition and other techniques. Reputed SEO specialists in Dubai would advise you on how to accomplish this.

12: Domain Age

The age of your website or your domain age is a big factor is among the search engine’s ranking factors. A new website will take time to get listed on the Google search pages. An older website would get listed quicker if its SEO factors are in place. 

However, if you are setting up a new website, it is a good idea to reach out to the best SEO agency in UAE and optimize the site for all the SEO ranking factors so that your website stands the test of time and appears at the top of search engine listings every single time.