10 Marketing Ideas To Successfully Market Your Law Firm

10 Marketing Ideas To Successfully Market Your Law Firm

In the modern competitive market where there are hundreds of lawyers and law firms vying for attention, a strategic marketing plan is a must. In order to broaden and widen your client base, your law firm needs to plan and implement these marketing strategies. Besides the traditional avenues of advertising, the internet has brought in a plethora of options you can avail. Successful marketing strategies depend on reaching the right audience at the right time and positioning your firm as a dependable and reputed brand. The question that needs to be answered is -what is the most effective investment option to promote your services? Here are some ways for you to try out.

Print marketing

The firm hosted events can contribute up to 76% of clients. The trick is to select the right type of events to host. Other print media ads are also an option but they provide less scope for your firm to be noticed in this digital era. The decision to invest here depends on local habits. A law firm looks for new and good talent to boost its services. Your marketing strategy would do well when you consider avenues for bringing in new faces along with looking for a larger client base. Use print ads to meet this need. Consider press releases as an option for promoting your brand and creating brand awareness. Poster Printing, folder printing, Outdoor Roller Banner could do very well to attract a local client base.


Telemarketing allows your firm to cut cost and still remain efficient. A human telemarketer can personalise calls made to prospects. A virtual phone system and auto attend helps firms to achieve their other goals. On the one hand, the auto attended leaves your employees free to work in other departments instead of attending to calls. On the other hand, they can be programmed to automatically connect to leads generated through other channels of marketing. Call routing systems give exact and vital information to callers. It is easy to record calls and use them for training purposes.

Email marketing

Email marketing has proven to give high ROI for lawyers. This provides a good way to keep in touch with clients. This, in turn, boosts recall and brand image. With a majority of your past and present clients using email to contact you, this marketing option is vital for you. The greatest advantage of email marketing is its low cost and bulk mail. Remember to use enticing and effective subject lines so that your emails reach the inbox. Email marketing is your first step into the online marketing platform. Hire the best digital marketing agency London to start your email marketing campaigns.


The internet has changed people’s behaviour. Prospects search for information on the internet. Create your online presence with a website dedicated to your firm. A clean and efficient website is a good investment. Include a library of resources to add value to your site; link blogs and newsletters. Include a referrals section to showcase successes. Reviews help clients to finally decide to make an appointment with you. Provide individual profiles of lawyers. Make your website a 24x7x365 sales representative for your firm. Be sure to make your website mobile friendly.

E-commerce website

Firms can use e-commerce websites for specific purposes like selling legal documents online. Link your commerce website to your main web page and set yourself apart from the competition.

 Search engine optimization

A well planned and designed website is rendered less effective when it fails to reach the top of a search place. Search engine optimization drives traffic to your website. Select your keywords carefully to optimize your services and successes. Invest in both internal and external SEO for greater effect. 55% of all searches go to the first three organic search results.

Paid Ads

PPC expands your internet presence beyond websites. Since you pay for the ads only when there is a click you save on your advertising cost. These ads are a must as they come up easily and prominently in online search results. Coin your keywords carefully as per word rate for lawyers and law firms is high. Try PPC marketing to circumvent the cost. This allows you to show your ads to who have visited your webpage or left their contact details there. Go for video PPC ads. Your message will be processed faster and more readily. It will provide a face to your firm too.

Social media marketing

The easiest way to reach us beyond your office space is to have a social media presence. 95% of millennials expect a brand to have a social media presence. The older generations also consider social media presence a must for brands. Your social media presence gives a human and comforting feel to the perception of stiff-suited, grim-faced lawyers in your firm. Upload videos on social media platforms. A firm that provides B2C service profits most from FaceBook. A B2B firm would be more suited to Linkedin. This social media presence additionally boosts your SEO ranking.

Word of mouth

The internet and your website work well to create credibility, however, it is your networking and relationship with clients that bring in more business to your firm. At the end of the day, a referral from a satisfied client helps in increasing confidence in your ability and expertise. Create your referral network both online and offline.

Media – like television and radio.

Along with your efforts at online marketing take a look at the traditional television and radio marketing options. Connect with the locals and community using this offline marketing strategy. Radio marketing has changed today. It includes online and satellite radio. You get to directly reach your audience here. TV commercials are a powerful marketing tool. A carefully crafted and attention-grabbing concept gets you noticed.

Consider the area you practice in, your major clientele, as well as your service type when deciding on your marketing strategy. Depending on these concentrate your investment of time and money on online presence, building SEO, and referral systems. To get the most out of your marketing strategy use analytics to evaluate the impact of your online presence.